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Your budget and style of wedding make a big impact on your choice of using fresh or silk flowers. Silk flowers can work in any season, warm and cold. They have the advantage of not wilting, breakage or freezing from the weather. Silk flowers are lightweight, easier to transport and will last throughout the day. Did we mention no watering?

Silk flowers come in a variety of shapes and colors where availability of fresh flowers can increase costs. Getting out-of-season silks can cut the expense while quality flowers can increase costs. Fresh flowers can be costly for the length of time in use. Silks look beautiful, feel soft, and won’t require you to preserve them.

Wedding Hydrangea Wreath

Most silk flowers can be fashioned so that they look real by manipulating their design. They do not have an aroma but with the scent products on the market, this can take care of. 

Weigh the pros and cons and determine which type, silks or fresh flowers, will work for your special day.



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