Our shipping cost is $22 on each wreath
Our shipping cost is $22 on each wreath

Peeking Bunny Spring Floral Wreath for your RV, Motorhome and Camper


Our beautiful spring floral wreath perfect size for your RV, Motorhome, & Camper.

We have designed our whimsical Peeking Bunny Wreath smaller in width to accompany the size of your camper's door.

Our RV, Motorhome, and Camper floral wreath is decorated with a chalkboard sign perfect for adding your name, welcome message, or beware of Fido.

Our spring wreath is decorated with pothos greenery, forget-me-not, white delphiniums, and other flowers in pink, blue, and yellow.

Our outdoor wreaths have a natural, wild and carefree look for a fresh, crisp, and colorful design.

⦁ Unique handcrafted design
⦁ Measurement tip to tip 21Lx17Wx10
⦁ Quality silk materials
⦁ High-temperature glue
⦁ Grapevine wreath
⦁ Ready for shipment


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