Our shipping cost is $22 on each wreath
Our shipping cost is $22 on each wreath

Happy Valentine's Day Door Wreath


Set the mood for celebrating St Valentine's Day by displaying our front door wreath. Beautiful white hydrangea surrounded by red cross plum flowers, pothos ivy, boxwood, white orchids, frosted grass, ficus leaves, and other fillers sits in our grapevine wreath. Our new favorite felt heart ribbon was attached.

Captivate the romance of Valentines to all your guests who enter your home.

Happy Valentine's Day Door Wreath
⦁ Unique handcrafted design
⦁ Measurement tip to tip 36x26x12
⦁ Quality silk materials
⦁ High-temperature glue
⦁ Grapevine wreath
⦁ Ready for shipment

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