Layaway Plans


Layaway Plan Available


If you are interested in that “special” wreath but are unable to remit the full amount at this time, a layaway plan can be arranged. Basic terms are 30% down with your first installment. This amount holds the item and is non-refundable. The balance must be paid within two months. Once the item is completely paid, it ships. There is a 7% layaway fee charged for all layaway. If the purchase is not completed, all payments to date will be refunded, except your initial down payment and your layaway fee of 7%, through PayPal. Your last invoice will include sales tax if you live in the state of Alabama and shipping fee unless you wish to split the amounts with each installment. Please email me if you are interested in a layaway plan. If you wish to pay additional money other than the invoice payments initially listed for the plan, please let me know.