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Enter SUNNY20 for 20% discount

Storage and care for our wreaths.

We ensure that your wreaths will last for many years given the proper storage care.

Every wreath is designed with attention to detail and we use only the finest quality of silks and other materials in creating our wreaths. We spend several hours to assure that our wreaths are constructed to last many years. We use high-temperature glue to withstand weather temperatures.

All of our floral designs ship within 2 days, not including weekends and holidays. Our designs are packed in a sturdy #200 corrugated box and wired to ensure that your wreath will not shift during shipment. We ship through FedEx, UPS, and USPS. Protection insurance is included.

Your wreath will last for many years with proper care. If possible, for longevity, hang your wreath under an overhang to prevent weather damage.

Store your wreath in the same corrugated box that it was shipped.

To properly store your wreath:

  1. Place the wreath in the box shipped in or cover the wreath and hang up on a hook.

  2. Store box or covered wreath in a room temperature storage area. Extreme temperatures, such as those in your attic, will affect the quality of silks and ornaments.

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