Mardi Gras Wreaths

Looking for a unique and whimsical Mardi Gras teardrop swag? Cascadeur Mardi Gras wreath has lots and lots of color for the season, purple, green, and gold. We placed Sparkling Jester Mask as the focus surrounded by dahlias, emerald ball sprays, gold ornaments, and PGG ball sprays. Our bow consists of a 4″ purple polka dot and 4″ gold weave ribbon. The complete design sits on top of emerald green deco mesh. If you have never had a teardrop swag on your door and you’re not sure how they look, see the picture we have on a full size outside door in the photos.

The measurement tip to tip is 40x17x9. The wreath will look spectacular on your front door.


Let the good times roll!!