Bumblebee Sunflower Summer Front Door Wreath


Our beautiful sunflower floral wreath with bumblebees for the season.

A lovely, wild and whimsical bumblebee sunflower front door wreath perfect for decorating your front porch. Placed is pothos ivy greenery surrounded by yellow sunflowers on a grapevine wreath. Whimsical metal bumblebees are buzzing throughout. 

A beautiful casual wreath, almost with the look of a swag.

Bumblebee Sunflower Door Wreath
⦁ Unique handmade design
⦁ Measurement tip to tip 43x24x9
⦁ Quality silk materials
⦁ High-temperature glue
⦁ Grapevine wreath
⦁ Ready for shipment

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~ Vicki Large